Royal Island


We spent two long weeks at Royal Island because of some nasty weather that came through. The wind was blowing 18+ knots with squalls coming through every now and then. Luckily, the Royal Island anchorage has all-around protection (link to a top view of the anchorage) so we were sitting pretty inside the island’s harbor. We spent A LOT of time on the boat and often found ourselves going a little cuckoo. This usually entails alot of odd singing and dancing for exercise. Speaking of exercise, we did actually start exercising on deck too. Sailboats are surprisingly great places to get creative for exercises. This was our turning point in the trip…once we left Royal Island we were officially heading back to Florida, so during our stay here we had to decide which route we’d be taking back. Good thing we had some time!

OctopusJordan pops his head out of the water, “hey you want to try Octopus?”, my reply from the dinghy “sure”, and sure enough he comes up with a speared Octopus.

stormyMost days were still relatively prettythis was not one of them!windy

catching-rainwaterOur makeshift setup for cathing rainwater (on the left). We ended up catching about 18 gallons or so. Not bad!



slimy-conchSome of these guys (conch) are slimier than others….this one was SUPER SLIMY!

grouper-conch-pineapple-onion-salsaWe like to get creative with our meals out here. Grilled pineapple (canned), onion, and chipotle (canned) salsa on top of fresh conch and grouper. DELICIOUS!

Royal-Island-AnchorageEast view of the anchorage.

making-luresWe’ve lost a few of our good lures to ravenous Barracuda, so we made a few of our own out of some bright pink plastic trash we found on the beach. Guess what?!? This homemade lure caught a MahiMahi!


hikingWe spent one of the days hiking the island. There were some roads and stuff because there were plans to build a golf course/resort but they were put on hold, as are many of these endeavors in the Bahamas.



bikini-top-faceApparently this is the face I make when adjusting my bikini top!


self-timerCrazy things happen when you set up a self timer shot.








Finally, leaving Royal Islandthough I can’t complain too much about our stay!

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  1. 4 June, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    Gotta love that camera of yours. Everything is SO beautiful. Love seeing all the sea life and beautiful tropical landscapes.

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