To the Berries!

During our two week lock down at Royal Island, it was decided that we would just head back to Florida relatively quickly. It was either that, or return through the Abacos which would add another month to our journey. Another month in the Bahamas would have been peachy, but we have a boat to sell and some engagements in New… Read more →

Royal Island

We spent two long weeks at Royal Island because of some nasty weather that came through. The wind was blowing 18+ knots with squalls coming through every now and then. Luckily, the Royal Island anchorage has all-around protection (link to a top view of the anchorage) so we were sitting pretty inside the island’s harbor. We spent A LOT of… Read more →

Fun with Friends!

Yay! This year we were fortunate enough to have two of our friends visit. Each booked their own trip, but they just happened to overlap a few days. David arrived first! He was flying into the Governors Harbour Airport and we were able to anchor Nami just outside of it in Alabaster Bay. After Jordan and David ran and embraced… Read more →

Jordan’s Parents Visit!

Meeting Jordan’s parents in the Bahamas this year went much smoother than last year. Last year they flew to Nassau planning for us to be there, but we were stuck in the Berries with no good weather to cross. With basically no communication or hope of meeting up, we left the boat at Frazers Hog Cay the next day, hopped… Read more →

Exumas to Eleuthera

There was a lot of life on our crossing from the Exumas to Eleuthera! We left Compass Cay around six in the morning and immediately ran into some sort of frenzy with flying fish and lots of splashing. Unfortunately we were still in the boundaries of the Land & Sea Park, so we couldn’t throw any lines out. A few… Read more →

Bye Exumas…it’s been BEAUTIFUL!

It’s been a while since we’ve last posted and we’re a little behind because we’ve actually been in Eleuthera for the past few weeks. Anyways, below is a little bit of our adventures during our last weeks in the Exumas : ) Jordan speared this Slipper Lobster and Hogfish in some corals just west of Windsock Cay. The Slipper Lobster… Read more →

Long Island to Georgetown

When our time in Thompson Bay came to an end, we worked our way north for a few days.  We ended up anchoring off of a beautiful protected beach with good snorkeling and unlimited conch (we’ll keep that a secret for the conch’s sake)!  The stop after that was off of Bain’s Bluff, with our friends on Kindred Spirit, where… Read more →

Long Island

We pulled up the anchor in Georgetown a little before 8AM for a 37 mile day to get to Thompson Bay, Long Island.  It was a great passage day! We sailed between four and five knots almost the entire time and passed some beautiful scenery along the way.  Our course took us on a protected path over shallow banks with… Read more →


Georgetown is like the cruisers mecca of the Bahamas. I’d say there were over 300 other liveaboard cruisers in the harbor when we were there. The amount of mast headlights beneath the stars was like it’s own skyline. Pretty cool to see! We caught the tail end of the Cruisers Regatta when we got there, so there was a lot… Read more →