Long Island to Georgetown


When our time in Thompson Bay came to an end, we worked our way north for a few days.  We ended up anchoring off of a beautiful protected beach with good snorkeling and unlimited conch (we’ll keep that a secret for the conch’s sake)!  The stop after that was off of Bain’s Bluff, with our friends on Kindred Spirit, where there was beautiful scenery above and below the water. We ended up going to a full moon party on the ocean side of the island with locals and a few other cruisers.  Moon rise, bon-fire, and pot-luck appetizers with a bunch of cool people… and even a guy there that grew up in Long Island (NY) who appreciated the hot soppressata we brought. Our last day in Long Island was spent diving and exploring off of the coast of Hog Cay near Calabash Bay.  It was dead calm with great visibility, huge corals scattered all over the place and fish everywhere.  We landed two huge spiny lobsters just in time with the season coming to a close.  The next morning we decided to head back to Georgetown and hit a few of the Exuma islands we missed before heading to Eluthera.  Having just been in Georgetown a few weeks ago, we kept our stay here short (we mainly just refilled water and restocked crackers).  This time we anchored off of Monument Beach and hiked that whole areait was awesomely beautiful!

Kindred-SpiritIt’s pretty rare to get a picture of your boat underway with you on it, so of course we took pictures and swapped them with our friends on Kindred as we cruised by each other : )



TurbieTwistMy TurbieTwist and me <3 I don’t go anywhere without it!







jord-and-erSometimes you just have to use the self timer…but it hurts smiling at the camera resting on the edge of a rock…



sea-shellingSea shelling (collecting shells)! It’s hard to tell from pictures, but the sand was pretty pink from crushed pink shells and coral.


stocking-island-lizardCan you spot the lizard?!?


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