Fun with Friends!


Yay! This year we were fortunate enough to have two of our friends visit. Each booked their own trip, but they just happened to overlap a few days.

David arrived first! He was flying into the Governors Harbour Airport and we were able to anchor Nami just outside of it in Alabaster Bay. After Jordan and David ran and embraced one another at the airport (so cute), we made our way back on a “sort-of” trail along the airport fence to where the dinghy was anchored. Back to Nami we went, and thus began a very sun, fish and rum filled vacation.

There was one task we needed to accomplish in the next few days – moving north enough to pick up Leslie at the North Eleuthera Airport in four days. After the first night in Alabaster Bay, we sailed north about 20 miles and anchored near Mutton Fish Point. The anchorage here (just north of the point) was BEAUTIFUL! It was crystal clear water with a sandy bottom and the diving along the walls was great, minus the pack of 20 or so barracuda sizing David up. The next day we continued north through Current Cut and into the northernmost section of Eleuthera (not sure what they call this body of water). Eventually we made it to The Bluffs (a small settlement on the coast of northern Eleuthera, convenient for anchoring the boat) where we would pick up Leslie.

I was so happy when Leslie booked her flight out here because she is my BFFITWWW. She’s the only person I would have held a grudge against for not visitingjust kiddingkinda. Anyways, Leslie was supposed to arrive by cab to The Bluffs around 4:30ish. Jordan and I took the dinghy and left David to captain Nami, figuring she’d arrive shortly. Well, two hours later her cab pulls up having been delayed because a water taxi guy took Leslie’s backpack to a different island and her cab breaking down outside of town. Welcome to the Bahamas Les! Meanwhile, David caught a shark back at the boat : )

The next four nights were a comfortable squeeze with the four of us on board. Leslie and David handled it all like champs. They are both super easy going so I knew it wouldn’t be an issue. David slept in the quarter-berth and Leslie slept on the dinette bench seat. Over the next few days we did a lot of exploring, swimming, fishing and relaxing. One day David caught a Jack trolling off the dinghy and Leslie caught a Mutton Snapper fishing off the boat. This was the first time Jordan and I didn’t have to catch our own dinnerthanks guys! Another day we walked the entire length and back around Spanish Wells, snacked on some Bahamian staples (conch fritters and homemade sweets) and checked out some beaches.

Jordan dinghy-ed David to meet his cab the morning he left us :( and a dolphin breached right in front of themhe was saying bye to David! After that, we moved to a new area and explored some small cays with the last couple days we had with Leslie. On one occasion, we spotted a couple dolphins swimming nearby so Leslie and I jumped in the water to join them! They hung out for a little while before taking off, but it was awesome Leslie got to experience that! Yay! On her last night here, a young cruising couple anchored nearby invited us over to their boat for some sun-downers (that’s what cruisers call drinks in the evening). She left us the next morning :(

Jordan and I are so happy they came to visit! It isn’t easy getting to us. There are a lot of unknowns in the itinerary trying to meet friends on a sailboat on an out island of the Bahamas. You never really know if it’s going to work out until you actually have visual contact with one another. It all worked out! We’re glad they got to experience a little bit of how life has been for us the past two years. Thanks for coming guys!!! (This goes for Jordan’s parents too!)



ericas-first-grouperLeave it to me to catch dinner for the three (Jordan, David and I) of us! My first speared grouper!




shipyard-appsShipwreck Bar & Grill in Spanish Wells

ShipwreckClearly excited to be at a cheap and surprisingly affordable restaurant!





david-shower-rinseDavid and Leslie got to experience how we do our saltwater showersDavid’s method of rinsing off!


crab-fishingLeslie and I attempted fishing off the boat one day but these guys kept taking our bait!


  3 comments for “Fun with Friends!

  1. Aaron Matthew Duff
    29 May, 2014 at 11:18 pm

    Soo Cool! gosh i miss it already. I can almost see it all. Promise well randevous again one day.

    • 30 May, 2014 at 1:59 pm

      Ya! We were just talking about how awesome you guys are : )

    • Aaron Matthew Duff
      30 May, 2014 at 2:14 pm

      HAHAHAH yeah right. I don’t think i ever heard one negative thing come out of either of you twos mouths. This makes you more awesome than us. But thanks. You live inside our memories all the time. Keep living the way you live. I think now though, now that this trip may be winding down you’ll find it difficult not to keep the adventures going. (i know we do/did) When and if we meet again i hope its in some far off crazy place on the other side of the world.

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