Hi.  We are Erica and Jordan.  We left our 9-5 jobs in New York City to attempt a more simple life living and traveling on a 28 foot sailboat.  We’re writing this blog as a place to keep memories, share our experiences, and hopefully inspire others to follow their dreams.

Jordan and Erica

Our story:

We were recently out of college (we both graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology) with great jobs, a small apartment in Hoboken and well on our way to molding ourselves into society’s standards. There was nothing exactly wrong with that and it’s not like we were unhappy, but deep down we were too eager for adventure to continue the routine. Living in New Jersey, summers were short and weekends were even shorter, and that just did not fare well with our passion for the sun and the sea.

Hmmhow could we create a sustainable lifestyle that allowed us to enjoy the outdoors? There were small business ideas, moving and working from home ideas, and then we came across the blog of a full time “cruiser”. That caught our attention. Gosh, we would need to buy a sailboat, learn how to sail, save more money and quit our jobs. It started out as a crazy idea, but the more we talked about it, the more we realized it wasn’t that crazy. We did a lot of research, crunched a few numbers and all of a sudden, that crazy idea became a reachable reality. From there on out, we were focused on “The Journey” – the next phase of our lives living and cruising on a sailboat while exploring the beautiful islands of the Caribbean.

Saving money was incredibly easy. Date nights out went from sushi restaurants and bars to a couple slices of pizza and a cheap bottle of wine. We brought our own lunch to work, cooked almost all of our own food, and we didn’t buy material things unless we needed them for the journey. Oh ya, and moving into your parents basement for six months helps! As far as learning how to sail, we jumped in head first. We bought an old 1969 Bristol 26 foot sailboat on Craigslist and spent every summer weekend teaching ourselves in the Barnegat Bay. We both grew up boating with our families, so we had some boating experience. Yes, taking a sailing class would have been a good thing to do, but that just wasn’t in the budget. We did make sure to get our boating safety certification though. Anyways, that summer came and went, we sold the Bristol and began scouring the internet for the journey boat.

With a nice organized Excel list of boats we wanted to check out, we flew down to Florida for a long weekend. The scouting started in Orlando and continued its way southward. A lot of boats were in a lot worse shape than we had hoped or weren’t cruising ready, which wasn’t a big surprise considering our boat budget. Some boats were crossed off the list, while others were starred for a possibility. We were ready to buy, but we figured this was really more of an exploratory trip to see what boats were out there for usand then we saw our Westsail 28. It was love at first sight! She was small but built like a tank, and just such a beautiful little sailboat. Dead cockroaches and all, she was perfect for us. We put in an offer and found ourselves with a new home!

Buying the boat in Florida was the major turning point that solidified our plans. Before that we could have continued living and working as we had been. The next obstacle was giving our resignation at work. It was bittersweet because we had to say goodbye to a lot of awesome people, but man, what a sweet journey we were about to embark on.

It had only been about a year and a half from the crazy idea of cruising to actually packing up the jeep and moving onto the boat in Florida. There were discussions here and there about delaying the journey and to save more money. Sure, we could work another year or two and have more money to buy a bigger boat or cruise for longer, but we realized that was just another excuse. One excuse could have led to more excuses and who knows if we’d ever do it. That wasn’t an option. We committed to the idea, and you know what, we did it!

Basically, the plan is to continue cruising and adventuring until the money runs out. We aren’t sure what lies ahead of us, but we’re pretty darn happy living in the moment.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” 

UPDATE: In June of 2014, we returned to Florida and sold Nami. We’re now in Hoboken, NJ where we started a web design company, Jib Work Media. We’re still enjoying living in the moment and who knows, maybe this will allow us to be back out there again sooner rather than later : )