Monthly Archives: June 2014

Ciao Bahamas!

This post is a little late. We’ve actually been in Florida for a few weeks already, with Nami up for sale. More details on that coming… Hopping from one island to the next en route back to Florida, we decided to pull into Whale Cay in the Berry Islands. Our few times in and out of the Berries, we’ve always… Read more →

Little Harbour Cay

Pulling into the Berries was exactly how we remembered it…awesome.  The Little Harbour Cay area is truly beautiful with a few tiny private beaches, deep cuts with good sea life, and some flats with birds and bonefish.  After spending so much time in Eleuthera it was great to anchor in crystal clear water with a nice sandy bottom and jump… Read more →

To the Berries!

During our two week lock down at Royal Island, it was decided that we would just head back to Florida relatively quickly. It was either that, or return through the Abacos which would add another month to our journey. Another month in the Bahamas would have been peachy, but we have a boat to sell and some engagements in New… Read more →

Royal Island

We spent two long weeks at Royal Island because of some nasty weather that came through. The wind was blowing 18+ knots with squalls coming through every now and then. Luckily, the Royal Island anchorage has all-around protection (link to a top view of the anchorage) so we were sitting pretty inside the island’s harbor. We spent A LOT of… Read more →