Monthly Archives: March 2014

Long Island

We pulled up the anchor in Georgetown a little before 8AM for a 37 mile day to get to Thompson Bay, Long Island.  It was a great passage day! We sailed between four and five knots almost the entire time and passed some beautiful scenery along the way.  Our course took us on a protected path over shallow banks with… Read more →


Georgetown is like the cruisers mecca of the Bahamas. I’d say there were over 300 other liveaboard cruisers in the harbor when we were there. The amount of mast headlights beneath the stars was like it’s own skyline. Pretty cool to see! We caught the tail end of the Cruisers Regatta when we got there, so there was a lot… Read more →

Rat Cay

When we left Rudder Cut we had our typical A and B destination plans, just like most travel days.  B is where we’d like to get to, so A is the “oh sh*t let’s get back in because it’s too rough” plan. We check the weather the day before and the morning of, but until we’re out in the seas… Read more →

Rudder Cay Area

Most boats traveling south after Little Farmers Cay travel out on the Exuma Sound (ocean side) because the inside route becomes a lot more shallow and intricate. The day we left the winds were a little strong, but we decided to attempt it since we were only traveling two miles south…bad idea. As soon as we got outside the cut… Read more →

Little Farmers Cay

There is a lot of kindness and generosity for a small island with a population of around 60.  As soon as we pulled up to the community dock with the dinghy we were greeted with helping hands from local fisherman.  They were cleaning their catch from the day and the dock was littered with massive hogfish, lobster tails, and conch. … Read more →