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Last Week (2/16 – 2/21)

We haven’t had strong enough cell reception for a solid internet connection the past week so we’re a little behind on the blog. Anyways, the weather hasn’t been ideal for exploring, so we’ve pretty much just been making our way south day by day towards unexplored territory…well, unexplored to us! Since we explored so much of the northern Exumas already,… Read more →

In the Exumas!

The past week has been a bit of a blur. Last year it took us almost two months to travel as far south as we are now and it’s been just over a week. We’ve been taking advantage of good weather windows to make our way to back to the Exumas. Since we left Bimini, we’ve crossed the Bahamas Banks… Read more →

We Caught a Mahi Mahi!

[This was 8 days ago, but we haven’t had internet to post until now : ) ] The Tongue of the Ocean is known for great sport fishing. It hasn’t been for lack of trying, but we had yet to have our own success. There were numerous attempts last year but the only thing we hooked were a couple of… Read more →

Bimini Baby!

Yay! We made it to Bimini, in the Bahamas, after a near perfect crossing. The wind was light, the waves were small and the northern current helped take us directly to Bimini with our heading due east from Angelfish Creek. We were a bit nervous about getting through the barrier reef outside of Key Largo but it was no problem at all. A slightly… Read more →

Waiting to Cross!

Ok, it looks like we’ll be crossing EARLY Thursday morning, pending the forecast doesn’t change. The plan is to leave Angelfish Creek sometime between midnight and 3:00am, cross a friendly and calm Gulf Stream (cross your fingers), and arrive in Bimini, Bahamas sometime before sunset. The total trip should take about twelve to thirteen hours. Right now we’re anchored on… Read more →

We’re on Facebook!

Hi! I’ve been made aware that some of our blog readers (mom and dad), were unaware that we also post to Facebook. Our Facebook page gets a little more action than the blog because that’s where we upload real time pictures from our phones, so if you’re interested in checking out other stuff we’ve been posting go to I… Read more →