Monthly Archives: January 2014

Gulf Stream: Ready for Round 2

We are really ready to cross the Gulf Stream over to the Bahamas, like itching to be there ready. Life on the boat and off the dock is a lot more pleasant out there. We’ve written a different post about how we use saltwater for everything, but it’s not the same here in the Florida ICW. Here, showers are few… Read more →

Hello Miami

The past few days have been prettyyy cold. We anchored northwest of the Lantana bridge the second night. It wasn’t a listed anchorage, but it was a big open space so it worked just as well. It ended up being pretty rough with winds gusting 30 something mph ALL NIGHT! Jordan can sleep through almost anything but I’m a really… Read more →

On Our Way!

Tonight is our first night officially off of the dock. We took our last long hot showers, topped off our tanks, said bye to our good friends at the marina and headed south. We had a great day of sailing down the ICW between Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie, after which we motored a few more miles to a… Read more →

New Engine Mounts

Lifting your own engine is scary… Let’s just say Nami’s engine mounts were well past their prime. All the rubber (a very crucial part of an engine mount) was pretty much worn down to nothing and leaving for some unwelcome vibration. Jordan and I being huge do-it-yourselfers, because we can’t afford not to be, decided we’d buy new mounts, lift… Read more →

Resolve VHF Issue – CHECK!

Last year we realized we had an issue with our VHF radio communication. It first occurred to us as we were attempting to check in for a bridge opening. Our friends on the boat ahead of us seemed to be communicating fine, but the bridge operator wasn’t responding to us. We assumed the operator heard us and could tell we… Read more →