Monthly Archives: December 2013

Happy Holidays!

  This was the first irregular Christmas we’ve ever had. Irregular being that I wasn’t home in California and Jordan wasn’t home in New Jersey or we weren’t in NJ for Christmas Eve and taking a red eye flight to Cali for Christmas day. It was a tough decision to make but after being away from Nami for four months… Read more →

On the Hard

This picture pretty much sums up the past week. We’ve been cleaning, organizing and working on the boat nonstop, with a quick PB&J for lunch (I swear he cleaned his hands). He looks a little miserable in the picture, but I promise we’re actually having a blast doing all this “stuff”. Returning to the boat after four months on the… Read more →

Our Attempt at Photography

We do not consider ourselves great photographers but we have been trying to learn more and improve our abilities. Here is the process from photography noobs on a boat. 1) Get the appropriate equipment and use it. TAKE PICTURES!   Bring the camera wherever you go and just take pictures.  We use our Canon T2i, Canon SD1200 point and shoot, Go… Read more →