Monthly Archives: June 2013

Trolling Adventures

Since we left Nassau, we’ve been trolling on the last two big crossings we’ve sailed. We finally set up our tiller autopilot (Jordan had to make an extension to fit our boat) and it’s made catching fish while sailing MUCH less stressful.  Also, we took the reel off our fishing pole and mounted it to the boom gallows, so now… Read more →

Shroud Cay

WOW. Shroud Cay in the Exumas was incredible. On a map it doesn’t look that special, which is why we skipped it on the trip down. Luckily for us, we met a couple that highly recommended it for having the most beautiful beach they had ever seen. That caught our attention, and with the kayak we acquired, it would allow… Read more →

Stop in Nassau

…back in Nassau.  Our turning point was Blackpoint Settlement, and since then we’ve spent the past two weeks making our way back north through the Exumas.  We stopped at a lot of new places that we didn’t get to stop at on the way down – of course, all beautiful! The weather these past two weeks has been pretty crazy… Read more →

Black Point Settlement

“There’s a storm coming, Harry. And we all best be ready when she does.” Undoubtedly, every time I see or feel bad weather coming in, I quote Hagrid from Harry Potter.  This happened recently when we were anchored in some pretty stormy conditions at Black Point Settlement.  There was a solid three days of sustained 20 knot winds and pretty… Read more →

Pig Beach, Big Majors Cay

While at Staniel Cay, we made sure to explore the famous Pig Beach on Big Major Cay. There were only a few there when we went, but it was still awesome! They were so friendly. Even before we got to the beach, there was one pig in the water that started swimming out to us. They only came over to… Read more →

Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay is wonderful! It’s the first town we’ve been in since Nassau. We are used to spending no money at all being at all the desserted islands, so we allowed ourselves to enjoy a nice meal at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club for dinner. Oh man, what a treat having a burger is! We snorkeled the famous Thunderball Grotto… Read more →

Compass Cay

Everywhere we’ve been in the Bahamas has been incredibly beautiful, especially the Exumas.  Though, if we had to choose one place as the most beautiful we’ve been thus far, it’s Compass Cay and the surrounding Cays.  It’s hard to explain why, but it was something about how drastic and beautiful the different shades of blue in the water were.  Also,… Read more →

Pizza in a Pan!

One of the many boat meals we cook is pizza in a pan.  It’s a lot easier than having to take out the little oven, wait for it to preheat, and take a long time to cook, all while burning up a lot of our cooking alcohol.  Instead, we cook the pizza dough in a pan and cook each side… Read more →