Monthly Archives: May 2013

Normans Cay

We motored down the beautiful coast of Normans Cay to anchor at the southernmost anchorage.  Jordan was on coral patrol on the bow of the boat while I drove.  Every day we’re getting better at identifying what the different shades of color in the ocean mean (water depth, coral, grass, etc.).  Normans has some interesting history to it since it… Read more →

“VPR” Attempt

In the chart books we use to navigate, there are certain “VPR” routes we can take. “VPR” stands for “Visual Piloting Rules” – in other words, it’s probably too shallow, too rough, too many rocks and coral heads to dodge, or all of the above. Though, most of the time these routes usually mean a shortcut too. Cutting off just… Read more →

Galleon Point

We had a great sail from Allens Cay to Galleon’s Point on the north end of Normans Cay.  I think we’re getting much better at choosing good weather.  The key, for us at least, is to wait for a sunny and light breeze kind of day.  This way, we add another 5-10 knots of wind and a couple feet in… Read more →

We Made it to the Exumas!

WE MADE IT TO THE EXUMAS! The islands of the Exumas have been our main goal for this leg of the journey.  We finally got here and now I understand why it’s such a popular place for cruisers.  It’s literally hopping from one beautiful island to the next, somehow even more beautiful than the previous.  Most of the islands are… Read more →

Arroz con Pollo on a Boat

We don’t have the luxury of fresh chicken or unlimited cooking fuel for this, but Jordan can make a DELICIOUS Arroz con Pollo in the pressure cooker.  It’s my favorite boat meal! : ) What goes in: 1 can chicken 1 can black beans (with liquid) 1 cup rice 1 ½ cups water Fresh chopped onion Fresh chopped garlic Salt,… Read more →


We’ve been in Nassau the past week because of bad weather that’s been hanging around. Ongoing squalls were predicted, so we decided to hunker down in a marina. It’s hard spending money in a marina instead of anchoring out with no cost, but this place was awesome! We’ve been at the Texaco marina in the Nassau Harbor and the guys… Read more →