Monthly Archives: March 2013

Play Date with a Manatee!

Jordan had a play date today.  It was incredible!  He was out spear fishing when a manatee came up behind him and gave him a little spook.  He (Jordan) started to swim back to the dinghy to stay out of the manatee’s way because he didn’t want to scare him, but he (or she) followed him the entire way back.… Read more →

Key Biscayne

We aren’t in the Bahamas yet, but Key Biscayne is not a bad place to be waiting for the next weather window.  It’s been a lot of fun and we’ve had some interesting experiences in the six days we’ve been here. In addition to the baby squall I mentioned in my last post, we encountered a MUCH MORE intense one… Read more →

Firsts are Fun

We finally left Ft. Pierce, where we bought and worked on the boat for two and a half months, last Wednesday.  It was harder leaving than we expected.  We met a lot of great people and left there having made some great new friends.  Luckily, we still get to have the company of two of those new friends.  We’ve been… Read more →

Awesome New Sails

So, as most of our friends and family know, Jordan and I are pretty cheap like to save money.  If that means a drastic drop in a quality product/service, we usually still choose the cheaper option.  Saving one dollar here and one dollar there is a beautiful thing, especially when the off-brand CheezIt’s taste just as good as the real… Read more →

Getting close!

The past two weeks have gone by so incredibly fast.  We’ve been super busy working on the “big stuff” that needed to get done and now we think we are almost ready to leave. We finally got to fixing the navigation desk, which was rotted through because of the previously rotted companionway hatch.  It’s still our work/tool bench for now… Read more →