Monthly Archives: January 2013

Crappy Day

The toilet that was on the boat when we purchased it was a nice one, except that it was clogged with a lot of sh*t.  There were brown stains all over the toilet and running down all the pipes, hoses, valves, you name it, so it made the decision to toss it all very easy. I am extremely lucky that… Read more →


I climbed to the top of the mast today to check the rigging. We have steps on the mast so it made it easy but I also had a climbing harness on with Jordan controlling the rope below juuust in case!  We decided I would go up since I’m smaller but I didn’t exactly know what to look for so… Read more →

Galley Makeover

Additions to the galley (boat kitchen): shelving (needs additional restraints), gimbaled stove, cutting board counter top. Behind the sink and stove opening was counter top and bare hull, so we used ½ inch marine plywood to create a backing, shelving and our “bottle” area.  We chose a nice happy color for the shelving to brighten up the cabin a bit.  Erica had… Read more →

Back in New Jersey

We drove back to New Jersey last week to see Jordan’s first niece!  We had expected to drive back this week but she came a little early.  Her name is Olivia and she is the cutest, most perfect little thing! Driving back early ended up working out great because we were able to make it to my best friend Leslie’s… Read more →

The past week…

we’ve been EXTREMELY busy cleaning the boat.  I had planned to take some good before and after pictures, but as soon as we realized how filthy the boat was, we were in instant cleaning mode.  Here is our last week in review: Sunday 1/6: Left Hackensack, NJ at 11:00am.  Stayed the night in Florence, SC. Monday 1/7: Got to our… Read more →

Road Trip

Goodbye New Jersey!  We are driving down to Florida right now with our Jeep packed full.  Do I wish I could have packed another shirt or two? Yes!  Sadly, there is just not a lot of storage space on a 28 ft. sailboat. Once we get to our boat, located in Ft. Pierce, we’ve got a lot of work to… Read more →