Monthly Archives: July 2012

First night on the hook!

We recently spent our first night out on the water.  It was a Saturday night following AquaPalooza at Tices Shoal in the Barnegat Bay. We had our friends, Chris and Brittany, down with us to hangout and celebrate their recent engagement (!!!).  The four of us (Jordan, Chris, Brittany and I) stayed on the boat in the marina Friday night,… Read more →

Centerboard Cable Replacement

After some investigation under the boat, I found that the cable was sheared right above the attachment to the centerboard. While I (Jordan) was down there, I grabbed and pulled at the swage fitting and it ripped right off of the centerboard.  The cable arrangement was as follows: swage fitting from centerboard to cable, cable routed up forward in centerboard… Read more →


We had our first visitors on the boat! Leslie, Ernie and Ernie’s friend Mike.  We left the dock around 9:30-10AM and headed to Tices Shoal.  It was a very relaxing sail – enjoying french pressed coffee and crumb cake!  We spent the day at Tices drinking beers and playing in the water.  The wind picked up on the way home… Read more →

first sail 5/26/12

  Our first sail was 5/26/12.  Up to this point we had only been on a sailboat once and that was with the previous owner – for about an hour.  At the time, we had each read a book about sailing, but as far as instruction it stops there.  Jordan is a Do-It-Yourself-er, and well, I trust him.  We went… Read more →

our boat

Back in April we found an ad for a 1969 Bristol 26 on It was refurbished in the last five years and the list price included the slip for this summer.  We made an appointment to go for a test ride (our first time sailing) and ended up loving it.  It was the first boat we had seen (in our very… Read more →